Tuesday, December 16, 2014

target creeper update

So, back in October I had an incident which isn't really a huge deal, but the post is here if you missed it. But I had a lot of support from so many people and wanted to give an update. After that post, I surprisingly received messages from friends that had had worse experiences by someone that should have been reported long before they were. So I'm glad that I did say something. My heart breaks for people that have dealt with far worse.

That guy has been in jail this whole time! 2 months. He had a hearing today, and it was determined that he is mentally incompetent. His bail was only set at $2500 (I think you only have to post 10%) so  clearly his family thought he needed to be in there to get help.

He's being booked into the state hospital and will be re-evaluated in March.

After the Target incident, I later went back to Target and talked to management to thank them for acting appropriately.  A butt grab is not a huge deal- I'm pretty sure boys grabbed my butt all the time in high school and I thought nothing of it! But my immediate reaction was to tell an employee, and Target took it seriously and called the cops.

I've gotten phone calls from the victims advocate of the police department here and there. I assured them that I am 100% okay and not traumatized, but they have offered free therapy, and compensation for work missed because of the incident. I obviously don't need any of that, but it's a cool thing to know that those things are available- at least here in Utah.

It doesn't make it okay or less invasive that the guy was incompetent. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise for him, so he'll get the medical attention he needs!

Life goes on, and putting that weirdness behind me, but thank you to those who offered support! Just a reminder to always report the weirdness ;)

**Another update**
As I posted this, I looked back on my previous post and remembered a comment I deleted because it was frustratingly rude and inaccurate. A random man I didn't know thought it was his business to comment and call me to Jesus, that I am a bad mom, and that the fact I wear a bikini on a stage is an invitation for a man to grab me.
This kind of demented mentality is 100% WRONG.
Is it okay to go to a beach and start groping people because they are in a swimsuit? Clearly they are asking for it...
I was not wearing a bikini in Target. In fact, I was totally covered up in leggings and a long t-shirt, but that is besides the point (so when people ask- well, what were you wearing.. IT DOES NOT MATTER!) It is never okay to violate someone, period. Okay rant over. Almost everyone was nice and supportive with this whole thing ;)

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